"Cheezy" Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

I’m so sorry I haven’t had the time to update the blog but I’ve been a busy bee these past few days. I decided to take a scuba diving course so that I can go diving when we travel and it has really kept me occupied. I’ve loved every single minute (okay, lie, the theory lessons weren’t that much fun) and I can’t wait to go diving for real!

So, to this recipe then. I’ve seen more vegan mac and cheese recipes than I can count and I’ve been dying to try it out for myself, my only problem has been that I haven't known where to find nutritional yeast. If you don’t know what nutritional yeast is, I suggest you google it but I can tell you briefly that it’s a vegan, de-activated kind of yeast that has a slightly nutty and somewhat cheesy flavour. Obviously a great choice when making vegan dishes with “cheese” in them. What’s even better is that more often than not, nutritional yeast is PACKED with B-vitamins, thus also the much coveted vitamin B12. Since vitamin B12 is hard to incorporate in a vegan diet without taking supplements, I see nutritional yeast as a great alternative to pills or shots.

Hope you like this recipe, feel free to play around with the quantities a bit!

"Cheezy" Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

Yields: 2 servings 

1 clove garlic 

2 tsp coconut oil 

1 cup cubed butternut squash 

½ cup almond milk 

1 ½ tbsp. nutritional yeast 

½ tsp vegetable bouillon powder 

1 tsp Dijon mustard 

½ tbsp. brown rice flour (or thickening of your choice such as arrowroot powder)

How to:

1. Start off by steaming or boiling your squash until it’s soft all the way through, this will take approximately 20-30 minutes depending on how big your chunks are.
2. Meanwhile, sauté 1 finely sliced clove of garlic with coconut oil in a small saucepan on medium heat until the smallest pieces start to brown, then quickly add the almond milk, mustard, bouillon powder, nutritional yeast and lastly the brown rice flour (through a sieve to prevent clumping). 
3. Let simmer for about 10 minutes and make sure to stir continuously as you go.
4. As soon as the butternut squash is cooked, take it off the heat and blend, in either a food processor or using a hand blender (I prefer the hand blender). 
5. Blend the squash purée with the ‘cheeze’ sauce, taste and add a little more bouillon/nutritional yeast if you want. Serve with freshly cooked pasta and veggies on the side!

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