Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know What's Wrong With These Eggs

Eight years ago, Costco made a pledge to sell only cage-free eggs. But as it turns out, they have not followed through with this promise.

The Humane Society Investigates
The Humane Society decided to look into where Costco sources it’s eggs and investigate whether they have been telling the truth. By looking at the package of Costco’s eggs, one would believe that the eggs are cage-free. 

The packaging is extremely misleading, reading “cage-free” and portraying chickens running free on a green pasture. What the Humane Society found was far from that picture depicted on the package.

When investigating Costco’s egg supplier, the findings were shocking. There were hundreds of thousands of chickens crammed into small cages that they could barely fit into. The chickens were confined to the point that they could not even spread their wings. 

Many of the chickens could not access water or food and died in their cages, only to be left to rot and stomped on.

Not only is this inhumane to the hens, but unsafe for consumers to eat. Evidence states that confining hens increases Salmonella risk.

Now is the time for Costco to make a change and stop this cruel practice, and only supply pasture-raised, cage-free eggs.


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