Essential Oils Could Replace Overused, Increasingly Dangerous Antibiotics

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“It makes you taste like a pizza parlor,” media juggernaut Lena Dunham recently told Elle magazine. “But it is a natural antibiotic, and it’s literally life changing for me.”

The star was referring to oil of oregano, a zesty essential oil made from distilling the flowers and leaves of the oregano plant that can help the body fight bacterial infection.

I, too, swear by a few drops of this potent — and frankly terrible-tasting — liquid at the first signs of any ickiness. A runny nose? Oregano oil. Earache? Sore throat? Achiness? Oregano oil is my first response to all of the above. In my personal experience, I’ve found it highly effective. However, there isn’t much in the way of credible science to back my observations up.'


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